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We have our new CNC milling!!

Hello everyone!! This week we are really excited, our new machine is already installed and working in the workshop!! It is a CNC big-scale machine, with it we can cut big boards of 1’6m x 3’2m… huge size!! We can work all kind of woods and even aluminium! We are […]


A lot of thanks to Etsidi Design! It’s wonderful that design gets so spread out among students and professionals. You are doing a great work day by day, so carry on with it! 😉

Estudio de diseño de producto y diseño de interior Madrid. Arquitectura.


Our mate Guiomar will be the next Thursday, May 28th, giving a lecture at IED Madrid – Istituto Europeo di Design on ‪#‎ElDiaDelPapel‬ (#DayOfThePaper). Communication and product, paper and laser cut is the tittle of the chat in which it will be seen how to optimise creative and constructive proccesses using laser cut on […]


There are a lot of ways to make a mock-up. Joining cardboards layer by layer is an original and different one.  

Laura Cosmea

Fashion, fashion and more fashion! We love collaborating with creative people with a lot of good ideas. LauraCosmea, indeed, is a great example of that. We have fallen in love with her designs. Here you can see some pictures of the model who we have worked for. Beautiful!

Green Area suitcases

Spring has already come! Why don’t make our days a little more greenish? That’s how GREENAREA thinks. For that, we have made these portable displayer-drawers where you can put the different kinds of vegetation they provide. They are cut in wood and laser engraved.  


These last weeks we have been into a work that we loved making. It has been the beautiful frontage made with waved wooden slats for Eva Kay shop placed in Mejía Lequerica street. We drop here some fabrication and ensambling photos. The only thing left is to thank ControlMAD l […]

Education Week Awards

It’s wonderful to receive an award but… Isn’t it better if you can also play with it? We have designed the Education Week Awards as a jigsaw with the different events of this happening.


Some weeks ago it was celebrated one of the coolest events in the city, Madrid Fashion Week. We had the pleasure of working with the great designer María Lafuente. Here we drop some photos so you can see the suits and clothes with which we collaborated for her fashion show.  


Last 27th Friday we have the pleasure of receiving the visit of the students from Modelling and Model Making from Escuela de Arte of Murcia. We showed them our workshop and some of our projects. We both share our job experience and enjoy a lot this visit. Thanks for all you guys!


Have you all seen such a beautiful countertop? So we show to you some photos of the fabrication proccess. We made it for Por Tu Cuenta shop, joining different materials you can get really original and pretty things. In this case, wood and white methacrylate make a natural and attractive mix. […]


Today we show you the fabrication proccess of the Por tu cuenta frontage, a small shop where you will find any kind of things to make your own complements. In this case, we have made the order with Laser Cut and posterior lacquered DM wood.  


Many years studying and finally!! Degree Final Proyect. Andrea ordered us the fabrication of this model for her DFP and, obviously, a great project leads to a great model. Here you can see some details!  


Do you feel like giving yourself a break, for example going to a cottage? We recommend you a wonderful place in La Rioja, Casas de Velilla. We have made fo them some wooden signs. We  put here some photos of them but soon we will upload more when they are in […]

Laser cut and latex

Last year we had the pleasure of recieving the visit of super Ángie Gómez at our workshop. 🙂 This is the project she made for her presentation at Fashion IED and it was useful for us to finally understand how to work with laser cut and latex. We wish you the best, […]

Servicio de fabricación con láser


These funny stools have been manufactured so the youngest ones can try on their little shoes at FAST KIDS store (Madrid). Do you like our stools? Would you like to have it in your favourite color? Visit our online shop and take a look at the collection!

Diseño d eproducto. Estudio de diseño y fabricación digital. Fresado CNC

Suburban gifts

These Christmas and New Year days, lagaleriademagdalena has been organizing in the Line 3 Stations of Madrid Metro their #SuburbanGifts offering the work from several and diverse artists to the public transport users. We had the chance to participate by making some methacrylate rings commemmorating all the stations of our beloved […]

Hisbalit DIY at Caravan Station

This has been a very creative morning in the workshop with 50th Anniversary Hisbalit Trays, this time at Caravan Station.  

Floor OLamps

New floor Olamps for Blue Hotel located in Santander. It shipped last week… we are looking for some pictures at place!

Witch Girl

A link from Sangre Films´s video. Mimetrica laser cut the lamp showed at the beggining of the movie. It looks great; we just love it!

Olfactometer second prototype

Yesterday the olfactometer second prototype ships to Cesic Department of wetland ecology. A lot of issues were solved from first version; now we are looking to get some feedback from Doñana biologists. Thanks to Laura Gangoso for be patient. 🙂

Diseño de producto. Estudio de diseño y fabricación digital.Metacrilato

Heineken green signs

In colaboration with Green Area we fabricated this wood cases with letter shapes. Salva from Green area put inside some Norwegan lichen for his client: Heineken.

Limon & Nada

The advertaisment from Limon & Nada. We fabricated the black rings in plexiglas.

Harley Davidson

Some weeks ago we gave the awards for the Harley Davison 3rd Anniversary in Madrid. Here we put some pics for you to enjoy!

Modulor at Casa Decor

Many thanks to Mimétrica, YellowKorner, Tollens, Gira, Samsung and La Oca, for collaborating in Modulor space and, specially, to Hisbalit Mosaico.

Peter´s Olamp

UPM CEDINT (Integral Domotics Center) gave Peter one of our OLamps. We want to thank him all the help with the 3D-Printing. Thanks Peter!

New Skalongs colors

New limited colors for Skalongs; you con get yours at Central de diseño

Muebles de diseño. Diseño de producto.

Replicage 2014

Guio giving a lecture about Mimetrica office at Replicage 2014

New rings!

Do you like these rings we are making? They will be in our stand at Mercado Central de Diseño this weekend, at Matadero Madrid.

New Hisbalit trays

Hisbalit has released an awesome Christmas pack! Our trays are part of it. We are very happy!! So, for all of you, and after a huge popular request… we can show you for the first time the super kit “DIY Tray”!!

Mad Bunch Toys

We have fabricated the new glasses for Mad Bunch toys. It looks great on new models!

Boris Divider limited edition

Limited serie made for the vynil brand VinylSleeves Madrid. For the premiere of the new Boris Divider music album, it has been made a 88-copies limited edition; these were delivered during the premiere of the album at La Casa Encendida in April 2014.

Led Lamp

Starting a collaboration with CEDINT! LED Lamps from mobile app. We will be showing the full development until we get the final product.

Lámpara de diseño. Diseño de producto. Interiorismo

Small signals prototype

A pic with some prototypes of the case of  a device we are making for Small Signals people. Struggling with the packaging design………. and meanwhile we have thought a lot of ideas to start into the IOT devices design!!!! We are really looking for it, probably after this we are going […]


taburete ddiddo!… foto de hace algún tiempo;estaban producidos en chopo de 10mm…ahora los estamos cortando en radiata de 18 para hacerlos mas sólidos!

Muebles de diseño. Diseño de producto.