Monthly Archives: October 2014

Olfactometer second prototype

Yesterday the olfactometer second prototype ships to Cesic Department of wetland ecology. A lot of issues were solved from first version; now we are looking to get some feedback from Doñana biologists. Thanks to Laura Gangoso for be patient. 🙂

Diseño de producto. Estudio de diseño y fabricación digital.Metacrilato

Heineken green signs

In colaboration with Green Area we fabricated this wood cases with letter shapes. Salva from Green area put inside some Norwegan lichen for his client: Heineken.

Limon & Nada

The advertaisment from Limon & Nada. We fabricated the black rings in plexiglas.

Harley Davidson

Some weeks ago we gave the awards for the Harley Davison 3rd Anniversary in Madrid. Here we put some pics for you to enjoy!